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What is known about the "D" bikes:

1.  They were a limited edition motorcycle offered in 1967 only for the CB450Black Bombers;  Most dealers never received a "D" kit.

2.  They existed as complete bikes and as kits to be put on 1967 Black Bombers;  "D" bikes from the factory did exist but the vast majority were assembled from kits.

3.  The complete kit consisted of a revised tank, twin high pipes on either side of the engine, a revised seat, chrome fenders, scrambles type handlebars, and around 55 other parts which are relatively unseen;

4.  They are considered to be one of the rarest and most collectable Hondas;

5.  The national registry lists only 20+  bikes from around the world and there are estimated to be only around 15 complete "D" bikes in the US.  How many of those are "registry bikes" is not known.  The link to the registry is:  Rumors of complete bikes exceed any proof of their existance!

6.  Much information about the "D" bikes can not be corobrated with any evidence.  The more I interviewed people the more I received conflicting information.

7.  I am aware of more kits than complete bikes;  Back in 1967, many kits were opened and only the tanks and chrome fenders were used.  "D" parts buyers state that many individual parts can be found but complete bikes are extremly rare.  In th last three years I have known of only three complete "D" bikes which have been auctioned or sold.

8.  A newly assembled bike has less value than a fully documented machine, however, it could be nearly impossible to prove that a bike has been assempled within the past few years now that the values have moved from around $4,000 to over $14,000 for a really nice example. (these figures do not apply to bikes in unrestored condition or partial bikes)



The "D" bike in the Honda Museum:

Stands strong and proud.

The three colors for the "D" bikes"

The silver is most common followed by the orange (called red) then the blue.  If you are buying a "D" bike, demand history, buyer beware!

Jerry's bike is pictured below after the rebuild:

Strong winds embraces the golden wheat.

This is the original tank taken from Jerry's bike:

Jerry used another tank from a bike found in Kansas.  His story is an interesting one.  Jerry's bike is fully documented and he is the 3rd. legal owner!

Just as with automobiles, the price of the "real thing" greatly surpasses that of newly created machine.  A bike re-created from a kit is still an interesting machine and certainly more valuable than a stock CB Black Bomber in comparable condition.  If the machine was not sold back in 1967 or 1968 as a complete "D" bike or was made from a "D" kit years after the original motorcycle was sold, the motorcycle would be a re-creation.  The most valuable bikes would be factory bikes (which would require documentation) or motorcycles which were kitted from 1967 to 1968.  Even if these qualifications are not met,  a complete "D" bike in fully restored condition would be a great piece in any collection!  I believe the price of "D" bikes will grow far beyond the Black Bomber values.

If you have a "D" Scrambler, had ever owned one, or currently know of one, please let me know.  I am still collecting information.  E-mail me at: