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We Appreciiate the History & Development of Honda Motorcycles:

Soichiro Honda (1906-1991) is truly the Henry Ford of motorcycles.  In such a short time, from 1948 till now, his company not only became the largest manufacturer of motorcycles around the world, but has been one of the most innovative as well.  To enter such a comptitive field with the disadavantage of being from Japan in a world of primarily British and American builders, and to over shadow them within two decades is truly remarkable.  Even beyond that, most of his Japanese competition was financed by huge corporations.  Mr Honda was truly a remarkable man who has left an undeniable mark on not only the automobile industry, but the motorcycle world as well

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The History of Honda Motorcycles covers a vast range of years, styles, and innovations! !

This site is a sub-part of the Honda Motorcycle Enthusiasts and the Vintage & Custom Motorcycle Enthusiasts.  I have a significant interest in all types and brands of motorcycles, but my greatest interest is in vintage, specialty, and unique motorcycles.  My interest in the development and history of Honda motorcycles has been long term activity.

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