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Honda has been one of the most prolific motorcycle manufacturers since the beginning of morotcycle history.  With more models, more innovations, an astonishing history of reliability, and a significant race record, Honda is a great motorcycle company!

Since 1947 Honda has been a leader in motorcycles and other products:

From motorcycles, automobiles, robotics, generators, small engines, and even one of the most high tech private jets, Honda is a technology company. 

The picture below is one of the first Honda motorcycles:

Below is a brief overview of Honda history::

  • 1906  Sochiro Honda is born 
  • 1947  Honda Technology Institute is established
  • 1949  Takeo Fujisawa is considered a co-founder of the company (Honda engineers, Takeo markets)
  • 1954  Honda first participates in Brirain's Isle of Man race
  • 1958  50 Cub debuts and becomes the largest selling vehicle in the world
  • 1959 by end of year Honda becomes largest motorcycle mfg. in the world
  • 1960  huge Suzuka factory is built in Japan
  • 1961  CB77, 305 Super Hawk is released
  • 1962  CL72, 250 Scrambler is released
  • 1963  first honda Car is built, the S500
  • 1965  Honda CB450 is released as the first big Honda motorcycle
  • 1966  Honda wins manufacturers world GPchampionship in 50, 125, 250, & 350 classes
  • 1967  Honda starts automobile production
  • 1968  new series 350 (328cc) twins emerge and sales go over the top
  • 1969  the CB750 is released and quickly becomes the first Superbike
  • 1971  CVCC engine unveiled and changes engine design
  • 1971  new CB500 four is offered and sales exceed production abiblty
  • 1972  Honda Civic is first sold in the US
  • 1974  CVCC engine wins prestigious award by Society of Automotive Engineers
  • 1975  the first Goldwing is released
  • 1976  Honda Accord wins Motor Trend's car of year and Honda automotive development becomea a world standard
  • 1979  DOHC six cylinder CBX motorcycle is offered and inspires the motorcycle world (still inspires 25 years later)
  • 1986  the Acura line is unveiled


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